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Erin Bennett Broussard


Erin Broussard is a multifaceted filmmaker whose journey in the industry began with a pivotal role as a production manager on John Fallon's feature film "The Shelter." This experience ignited her passion for filmmaking and propelled her into the realms of writing, directing, and producing.

Quickly establishing herself as a dynamic force in independent cinema, Broussard's producing credits include the feature films "Sunday Girl" and "Presence." Her innate storytelling abilities were also recognized when she served as the story editor on the comic book "Vamped," demonstrating her versatility across different mediums.

Transitioning seamlessly into the director's chair, Broussard showcased her vision and talent with the critically acclaimed short films "Caffeinated" and "Day Trippers," both of which garnered awards and accolades on the festival circuit. Her distinctive style and narrative prowess captivated audiences and industry insiders alike, establishing her as a rising talent to watch.

Currently, Broussard is making waves with her latest short film, "Spooky Crew," which is captivating audiences at festivals around the globe. Simultaneously, she is fervently working on her feature film directorial debut, further solidifying her position as a filmmaker poised to make a significant impact in the world of cinema. With her dedication, creativity, and unwavering commitment to the horror genre, Erin Broussard continues to create beautifully haunting stories that mix comedy and horror in equal measure. Look for her at a festival near you. 

Erin Bennett Broussard
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